iBET live casino iPT SicBo kasino Game

iBET live casino iPT SicBo kasino Game

iBET Malaysia Online Casino gives you the Best Live Casino Malaysia Sic Bo Games in iPT Newtown , Just have fun as you can !

How to play iBET Malaysia Online Casino iPT Newtown SicBo kasino Game:

After entering into iBET iPT casino play room, click SicBo live casino game and enter into the lobby.

iBET Partner iPT Newtown Casino Sic Bo Game

iBET Partner iPT Newtown Casino Sic Bo Game


After entering into gambling table of iBET iPT NEWTOWN casino, you can see a total of one table for Sic Bo. You can see the table limit RM8-RM375 on this table, click play to start.

iPT NEWTOWN Casino gambling table

iPT NEWTOWN iBET Casino gambling table


After clicking “Play”, you can see video picture of real DILA. After you choose your position to start to bet and play SicBo game of iPT NEWTOWN online Casino.



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iBET online casino partner iPT NEWTOWN casino SicBo is played using three dice. The idea of the game is simple – you make a bet on a certain kind of a dice roll result. Then the dice are rolled. If the result you bet on does appear, you win; if it does not, you lose your bet.

Live casino game SicBo is played using a live dealer and a real set of dice. iBET live casino use standard SicBo rules.

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