iBET Malaysia iAG Platform New Live Casino Bull Bull

iBET Malaysia iAG Platform New Live Casino Bull Bull

iBET Online Casino cooperated with iAG Casino Platform for a long time and lately iAG Game Developer announced whole new live game “Bull Bull” in Premium room in AGIN at 18th Jan. to provide better game quality for players. iBET Online Casino and AG Game Platform invite all of you to experience this new game!

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Free Register iBET and Play Bull Bull live game in AG game platform, if you are iBET member, please login iBET to enjoy the betting game excitement and get bonuses via promotions!

iAG Platform New Live Casino Bull Bull Introduction

iBET Online Casino iAG game platform:Bull Bull, also called “Bullfight”.  Bull Bull is a traditional card game popular in Guangxi, Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang and Hunan region. The rule is a Banker and else are Players. After dealing the cards would be opened instantly to see the result, the Banker would check the digit with every player. The game is exciting but simple, so it’s well-popular among players!

iBET Live Casino remind you:Bull Bull now only available on PC page, you can see more iAG mobile games

Live Casino Bull Bull Introduction

Live Casino Bull Bull Introduction

How to play Live Casino Bull Bull on iAG Platform in iBET

The dealer would deal 4 sets of cards according to the order that decided by first card:Banker、Player 1、Player 2、Player 3. You can place bet on Player 1、Player 2 and Player 3 by “Equal” or “Double”, the card you bet on has bigger points than Banker then win.  Equal Odd:The Player and Banker play with equal odds.

Double Odds:Player and Banker play with double way and Payoff counts on winners’ cards.

iAG Live Casino Bull Bull Bet Tutorial

  1. To start betting, select the amount you would like to wager and dragging it on the betting area (Player 1/2/3 Equal or Double)
  2. Bet time finish, dealer shows the First Card when each game round starts. According to the rank of the First Card, decide the dealing position.
  3. Dealer will deal 5 cards to each Player 1, 2, 3 in every game round. Once completed, compare the points with Banker and decided win or lose.

*Attention:When you bet on Double, members Credit has to be equal to or higher than 5 times of the bet amount(bet amount x odds of 5 Gong). More detail in Notes.

iAG Live Casino Bull Bull – Dealing order, comparison, Card Types

First card point divide 4.(A is  1,J、Q、K is  11、12 and  13)

First card point divide 4

Every Player compares points with Banker to decide win or lose. In the comparison process, card type first, and then card point, last is the suit.

iAG Live Casino Bull Bull - Dealing order, comparison, Card Types

5 Gong(5 J、Q、K) > Bull Bull > Bull9 > Bull8 > Bull7 > Bull6 > Bull5 > Bull4 > Bull3 > Bull2 > Bull1 > No Bull

5 Gong(5 J、Q、K)

iAG Live Game Bull Bull – Odds Form

3 Players Equal Odds

3 Players Equal Odds

3 Players Equal Odds

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